For Rent

January 26, 2021

2 bedroom on 6th St

$1250/month + hydro

Beautiful main floor unit in this charming house

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
recently redone
large yard
parking included
air conditioning
in-suite laundry
new appliances
individual hot water tank
private entrance
close to shopping and public transportation
no smoking
no pets
references required
1 year lease


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    Application Form: 2 bedroom on 6th St

      Tenancy Details

      (Anyone over 18 must complete a separate application form)

      Employment Details


      Previous Employment

      Credit References

      Character References

      The above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby consent to a Credit Check and investigation into my financial and personal information available from financial institutions and individuals above noted. I understand that unfavourable information may result in a refusal of my application for tenancy.

      Rules and Regulations

      • Time: 1 year lease with monthly rent due in full on the first day of each month. After the one year lease has expired, a full rental month notice is required for anything the tenant wishes to change in this Agreement. The penalty for late payment of rent can be up to $100.00. There are no exceptions. Rent increases occur each year.
      • The security deposit amount is 1/2 of the rent. It will not be considered rent in the final month. If a tenant chooses not to move into a suite after the security deposit it paid, the deposit becomes non refundable.
      • Nuisance: No animal pets. No long-term visitors. No smoking. No new tenants without application, approval and payment. Quiet between 11:00 PM 7:00 AM. No damage or disturbance allowed at any time. No unregistered vehicles parked or stored on the premises. Only patio furniture and BBQ shall be allowed outside the unit. All garbage and only garbage must be placed in the dumpster/bins. Tenants are responsible for the actions of the people who visit them. There is a two person occupancy limit per bedroom.
      • Cleaning: Every tenant must own and regularly use their vacuum cleaner. Upon vacating the unit, the carpets must be properly cleaned in a professional manner and the entire unit must be cleaned with no damage in order for the tenant to receive a full refund of the security deposit.
      • I understand that this document is an Application Form that will become an agreement only after approval. The tenant agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and vacate the premises upon violation of any of the terms.
      • Upon approval, we require 2 pieces of identification to be shown when signing the lease.
      • I understand the terms and I agree completely.