How We Manage Your Property

We work with companies that handle foreclosures doing house cleanouts, securing, winterizing, dewinterizing and regular checks of the property.

Real Estate has always been, and continues to be, one of the best places to make an investment. It is this fact that attracts many people to purchasing revenue properties. However, as our lives get busier there just isn’t enough time to get all your own work done, never mind having to come home at night and deal with your tenant’s concerns. This is where Brandon Maintenance Services can make this smart investment a worry-free one on top of everything else.

Brandon Maintenance Services is a licensed property management firm that manages both our own properties as well as those of investors just like you. Our portfolio consists of everything from rental houses, duplexes, four-plex’s, 36 suite apartment buildings, a 60 unit condo property and everything in between. We take care of all the hassles associated with owning your rental property. We file the forms, we collect the rent, we fill the units, and we fix all the issues that always arise. Whether it’s a plugged toilet, plugged drains, broken door handles, or those inevitable calls from tenants locked out in the middle of the night, we’ll take care of it, and you can rest easy knowing that your property is being well maintained and cared for. We don’t limit ourselves to the interior of your building. We provide full exterior services including mowing the lawn in the summer and shoveling/plowing snow in the winter.

Our services are not limited to residential properties, but extend to commercial properties as well. We all know that first impressions are a huge deal, especially in business. We pride ourselves on maintaining your commercial property and ensuring that your business, or your tenant’s business puts its best foot forward from the minute that prospective customer pulls up. We provide lawn mowing services for any amount of grass, as well as snow shoveling and plowing services. Rest assured that when your customers arrive in the morning the walks and drives will be plowed and ready.